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Greece: Who's to blame, and for what?  
Seeking state power brings with it certain very serious costs. One of these costs is that governments, all governments everywhere, are forced to make compromises in their dealing with the rest of the world. Eventually this leads to the kind of split that Syriza is undergoing now.

Venturing very far afield, to learn about home  
Last month I ventured very far afield to read a tale of adolescent youth in ethnically mixed British society, whose main characters are two teenage British-Pakistani girls.

Can NATO militaries generate Mideast stability?  
If you thought that NATO attacking Libya in 2011 was a risky venture, given the mess it has left behind there today, this plan for northern Syria is potentially more dangerous and destabilizing if it goes wrong.

EU rightly separates Israel’s security from its colonial abuses  
Slow but continuing moves by the European Union — including two developments in the past week — place the Palestinian-Israeli struggle in the arena of international law, accountability and appropriate sanctions against miscreants.

Gen. Odierno speaks half the truth needed to defeat ISIS  
The faster and more concretely the United States and Arab states play their parts in addressing the non-military issues that promote IS, the faster that 20-year horizon for destroying IS and everything it reflects will whittle down into a shorter time frame.

Why is the United States schizophrenic towards Iran?  
Maybe the American public political sphere should simply grow up and embrace the fact that for once it did something constructive, heroic and peaceful in the Middle East.

Flags and other symbols: Do they matter?  
There is no magic formula in the real world where many groups are struggling for their place in the sun, and we are all members of multiple, overlapping groups. We have to find the space for reasonable compromises about symbols.

Iran is drama, but Iraq is destiny  
Their cooperation with American and Iranian elements, suggests that Iraqis are determined to keep trying to work together for the common good of their united, pluralistic country, rather than to fight each other for the right to rule small ethnic provinces.

ISIS is weak, but so are Arab states  
The political and sectarian problems that prevent military coordination also plague the constructive political development of countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine and others.

Hillary Clinton should stop lying  
The BDS movement that includes divestment and boycott moves by leading American churches and European banks and even some governments is not trying to delegitimize Israel.




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