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Why the strong words from the United States on Israel?  
The Obama administration would do the entire world a service if it replaced its failed legacy in Arab-Israeli peace-making with a precise, global consensus that might form the foundation for more successful future efforts.

Arab summits remind us of our frivolous governance systems  
The dismal state of collective and individual Arab leadership is far more troubling today than it has been in recent decades, due to the deteriorating conditions across our region.

Syria becomes ever more complicated  
Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, and Iran effectively have to be seen as a single geo-strategic arena in which hundreds of local and national actors engage one another — and many have links to other regional players and global powers.

Banning opposition groups is a failed Arab legacy  
It is perplexing to see Arab governments today continue to dissolve and ban certain political groups (mostly Sunni or Shiite Islamists) in trying to resolve serious, homegrown political struggles.

Erdogan and the army: Why now?  
Despite Erdogan’s vote-getting against dramatically weak opponents, the officers surely saw that a growing number of citizens thought that their president was becoming unglued. It was time to act. It was, perhaps, too late.

Bastille Day: France's ultra-confused present  
The multiple uncertainties within the parties in France make the recent back-stabbing within the British Conservative Party pale by comparison.

When is the moment to ask for more effective anti-terror policy?  
With every new attack, it becomes more and more clear that the world is dealing — or not dealing, actually — with three dimensions of this now routine phenomenon of mass killings of innocent civilians.

Egypt’s bold but marginal, mysterious diplomacy  
Egypt in its current condition cannot have any capacity to trigger serious regional diplomatic initiatives.

Listen carefully…”Burn it down, man”  
It is critical to accurately understand exactly why people resist in the ways they do, what drives their despair and demand for change, and what we must do to bring about appropriate radical change.




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