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A needed intellectual jolt to Israel-Palestine justice and peace  
If we do not consider new ways to achieve a comprehensive peace settlement that responds to the just demands of both sides, we will only guarantee that we will keep responding to the political extremism, militant religiosity and hardened despair on both sides that perpetually fuel rockets and death

Threats and responses in the new GCC militancy  
Will the GCC’s new militarism respond to the long list of perceived troubling regional threats as well as it already responds to the GCC’s need to assert itself as a dynamic, strong actor capable of safeguarding its own national interests?

Our homemade weapons of our own mass destruction  
Wildly flashing red lights telling us to stop building one-way highways to hell for tens of millions of our children who are denied the most important opportunity of their lives.

Negotiations and their enemies  
What does a focus on such negotiations, including those that are not taking place, tell us about the state of the world?

Critical decisions ahead for the United States and Iraq  
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi visit to Washington this week comes at a decisive moment for his country and the entire region. Fragile conditions inside Iraq in four key spheres must be discussed in Washington.

A question about policy in Yemen  
America’s top officials seem comfortable continuing an approach in Yemen even though in the same breath they acknowledge its dangerous consequences for the Arab world.

Iran accord could spark momentous regional changes  
The consummation of a full, multi-decade agreement on Iran’s nuclear program is likely to have monumental consequences — mostly for the better — across the entire Middle East.

Rare courage, respect, reciprocity drove Iran deal  
The men and women who conducted this diplomacy join a special group of leaders and officials, all of whom deserve great thanks and appreciation from the entire world for reminding us of the immense power of negotiating on the basis of reciprocity and respect

Netanyahu: The message is clear  
There has been a worldwide transformation of the perception of Israel as a "victim" to that of Israel as a "persecutor." This is a nightmare for the Zionist cause in Israel. It can only get worse for Israel.

Yemen war is debatable, but probably historic  
A gradual series of simultaneous adjustments at national, regional and global levels have been taking place across the Middle East region since the end of the Cold War. The Saudi-Yemen situation is important because it captures developments at all three levels at the same time.




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