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How fares the Global War on Terror?  
The more the GWOT continues, the greater seems to be the expansion and impact of the very terror groups it seeks to defeat, with ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra being the most recent examples.

The angels and devils of our last four years  
We know today about both our angels and our devils, and they will battle for our souls for some years to come. We have become normal countries, in the early years of our painful birth.

The paradoxical strength of Germany's Merkel  
Several years from now Germany will most probably succumb to more of the negatives the current state of the world-system is imposing on all countries. Still, for the moment Angela Merkel rules the roost.

Imperial crimes in the United States and the Middle East  
Is the United States the shining republic, or just another banana republic? Is this a moment of pride or shame for Americans? Right now, it seems to be a bit of both, but how it emerges in the longer term remains to be seen.

More simplistic nonsense from the United States government  
Until Arab, Western and other foreign rulers accept that their policies were the main underlying reason that allowed ISIS and other such movements to come into being, statements such as John Kerry’s this week will only meet with ridicule and disbelief.

The universal horrors of killing with impunity  
The United States reminds us now that killing with impunity is a terrible crime and a national failure, wherever it happens — Ferguson, New York City, the occupied Palestinian territories or elsewhere.

Egypt is sad, but still hard to read  
The three traditional civilizational poles of the Arab region — Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo — now all suffer massive dysfunction and uncertainty, caused primarily by the military men who for half a century or more ruled and ruined these countries.

U.S. standing in the Middle East  
The United States has become in the expression derived from onetime nautical practice a "loose cannon."

Obama’s dangerous embrace of war  
Ignoring the US public’s sentiments, presidents continue to use the country’s enormous capabilities to wage war around the world at will — usually create more havoc and generating new dangers that did not exist previously.

Important lessons from the Iran negotiations  
Decisive yet sensible leadership among those involved in the talks has been able to triumph over extremist ideological positions of domestic foes, and scare tactics of perturbed foreign parties like Israel and Saudi Arabia.




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