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The music says so: the battle for citizen rights will be won  
The government of Jordan last week had banned a public performance by the Lebanese band Mashrou Leila, but this week reversed the decision and allowed the band to perform.

A benchmark April day of Arab despair and radical change  
Four very different events on the same day all confirm once again the hard consequences of the unsustainable policies that all Arab governments, without exception, have pursued.

Ten observations on the wars in Syria  
The various wars and ideological contestations taking place simultaneously in Syria have entered their sixth year, with no sign of how they might end and Syria’s political future unfurl.

The delusion of copying Lebanon’s political system  
The lesson is that if any other country wants to copy anything from Lebanon, it should be the legacy of personal freedom and community-based tolerant pluralism, not the derelict governance system.

The left loses the election in Peru  
What we see in the continuing drama of Peruvian politics is that every time a so-called left or left-leaning government came to power, the regime soon thereafter moved to the right.

Sanders’ balanced Israel-Palestine views are very American  
The contrast between Sanders and Hillary Clinton on this issue is striking, given her record of disproportionately pro-Israel positions.

UN’s mediation experiences offer important lessons  
The UN has badly damaged its credibility and effectiveness in the Arab-Israeli conflict through its amateurish and weak-kneed decision to join the Quartet — contrasting its impressive performance in other parts of the Middle East.

Persistent roots of Arab weakness and relinquished sovereignty  
We are well into the start of the sixth year since uprisings and revolutions rocked parts of the Arab world in January-February 2011, and the balance sheet of achievements is very mixed, and mostly disappointing.

The BDS debate goes mainstream  
The BDS movement has slowly been gaining strength across the United States and other parts of the world, because it has successfully projected its actions in the same spirit as the anti-Apartheid sanctions against the racist South African regime half a century ago.

What is unusual and needs a closer look is why the opposition seems to take on an almost hysterical tone, in which there is a suggestion that the election of Trump would transform the world (or at least the United States) fundamentally and permanently.




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