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Higher Education Under Attack  
At the moment, the turmoil within the universities seems no easier to resolve than the turmoil in the world-economy. And even less attention is being paid to it

Why Islamists Will Keep Winning  
Transition from autocracy to democracy, and from authoritarianism to pluralism, in the entire Arab region must necessarily pass through a phase of Islamist rule or Islamist coalition governments.

Deciphering the Qatar Enigma  
This past year has seen a major change in Qatari diplomacy: From being an impartial mediator, praised by all parties, it has begun to take sides in Middle East conflicts.

Pressures Keep Expanding on Syria  
A war crimes report against the Assad regime, the appearance of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, and a “Friends of Syria” meeting in Tunisia last Friday are the newest items on the ‘menu’ of pressures for change in Syria.

The Doha Airport Bus of Hope and Dreams  
A day when Bruce Springsteen provides the soundtrack for observing a workingman in Doha, Qatar.

Russia’s Return to the Middle East  
Seen from Moscow, the Middle East lies on its very doorstep.

The Diligence and Humility of Anthony Shadid  
I will always be deeply impressed by the person of Anthony Shadid, and how he carried out his chosen profession of newspaper reporter. The stories he wrote, and the life he lived, can teach us for years to come.

Bomb Iran, Elect Obama  
An Israeli attack on Iran sometime this spring would be an unmitigated disaster. If it should occur, however, it could ensure President Barack Obama’s reelection.

A Three-Pronged Strategy on Syria  
Various diplomatic initiatives that are now in play concerning Syria indicate that politics, rather than fighting on the ground, will determine the outcome of what is a low-intensity civil war.

The Syrian Impasse  
The bottom line is that, however loud the rhetoric and however ugly the civil war, no one really, really wants Assad to go. So, in all probability, he will stay.




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