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ISIS is the latest of many different Islamisms  
ISIS, like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbullah, Hamas, Gamaa Islamiya, non-violent Salafists, militant Salafist-Takfiris, Al-Qaeda and others before it, is a symptom of, and a reaction to, deeper ailments in Middle Eastern society.

New hare-brained American ideas in the Mideast  
Why does the United States repeatedly discard the relevance of human nature and history when it unleashes its guns and goes into action around the world?

Syria: Turkish Ambivalence  
One way or the other, Turkey will have to come to a more coherent policy in the very near future. Otherwise, its claim to be a major actor in the region will fall flat.

Refugees themselves can crack this tough nut  
An ICG report, “Bringing Back the Palestinian Refugee Question,” is a timely and convincing reminder of why the Palestinian refugees must be central actors in the quest for a negotiated resolution of their conflict with Israel.

Three questions to ask before unleashing the military  
If any foreign power asked about the legitimacy, the efficacy, and the consequences of its military involvement in other countries before actually launching such militarism, it might be possible to minimize the negative consequences that we have experienced in the Middle East in recent decades.

Thank you, Sweden, for the rule of law reminder  
The announcement by the new center-left government in Stockholm last Friday that it intended to recognize a state of Palestine is one more sign of the political and popular opinion trends around the world that continue to show support for a two-state solution that treats Israelis and Palestinians equally.

How to Assess Fragmenting Arab States  
Seven issues gauge the real power and longevity of non-state actors, alongside the dilution of state authority. These seven are Identity, Sovereignty, Territoriality, Service-delivery, Legitimacy, Nationality, and Statehood.

Afghanistan — Unending Outside Interventions  
Afghanistan has continued for two centuries to reject outside interventions in ways open and covert. The outside interveners seem to turn the very Afghans they support against them.

Desperate Netanyahu Sticks to Old Lies  
The repeated mistake Netanyahu makes — or perhaps it is a deliberate lie — is to see any movement or rhetoric in the Middle East that references Islamic values as a dangerous threat.

Palestine’s Moral Force Needs Diplomatic Power  
Abbas is making decisions on his own without consulting widely among all Palestinians, and he is using the ICC as a threat, when it should be a central component in any Palestinian strategy that seeks to hold Israel accountable to the international rule of law.




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