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Egypt, ISIS, Elvis and other inspirations  
Anniversaries this week that inspire liberty, human rights, and the enjoyment of life.

The Latin American left moves rightward  
The progress of the Latin American left, so remarkable in recent years, is being undone by the bitter struggle between the two Latin American lefts.

The issues this week’s terror menu raises  
Identifying more honestly the combination of reasons that drive ordinary citizens into the arms of killers has stumped Arab and Western authorities for decades, though any Arab teenager could probably explain in five minutes what ails them, and channels some of them into criminal acts.

Signs of a more effective Palestinian strategy?  
Two initiatives this week may well point the way towards a more effective path of political and diplomatic struggle that could overcome the constraints now suffered due to Palestinian fragmentation.

Good grief: ISIS cannot be fought with Facebook likes  
ISIS and Al-Qaeda can only be fought by cutting out from beneath their feet the combination of policies and conditions in the Arab region that deeply offend and threaten ordinary citizens, and ultimately turn a very small number of them into ISIS recruits.

To obey the law or to continue criminal actions?  
Four very different approaches on to how to resolve situations of violence, atrocity, and occupation.

Turkey: Instability ahead  
Erdogan has no chance now of enacting his constitution. His immediate problem is whether to try to govern as a minority party (very difficult) or to ally with one of the three parties with the votes to give him a majority.

What prospects for Arab, American policy changes?  
Arab sentiments and aspirations have been known for many decades, but American policy-makers, including Albright and Hadley, have always routinely ignored them, for reasons that they and other American officials should explain one day

The US Supreme Court wisely upholds the law  
The Supreme Court is the highest authority in the American land, and its decision could prove consequential in the months and years ahead, as the political battle between Israelis and Palestinians continues to find its way into American courts.

Lech Walesa on liberty and struggle  
“I think we are on the verge of major change and perhaps upheaval all over the world directed against capitalism and the practice of democracy in its current form.” — Lech Walesa




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