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Argentina's election: Who won what?  
On Nov. 22, 2015, Mauricio Macri defeated Daniel Scioli in Argentina's presidential election somewhat narrowly by just under three percentage points. Most analysts called this the triumph of the right over the left. This is not false but it is far too simple.

Listen carefully to Pope Francis’ ‘colonialism’ warnings  
Those around the world who wonder why domestic and international terrorism, corruption, and illegal migration are on the rise everywhere ought listen to Pope Francis’ message about “new forms of colonialism.”

Israel-Palestine peace is a priority, not a sideshow  
Resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the wider Arab-Israeli conflict, should be seriously grasped as a global priority.

How should we respond to the threat of ISIS? (part 2)  
We will get nowhere other than where we are today if we all refuse to analyze the deeper drivers of radicalism that feed tens of thousands of recruits to these killer organizations.

King Salman's dilemma  
In ten years time, Saudi Arabia will either defeat the Islamic State or become it.

How should the world respond to the ISIS threat? (part 1 of 2)  
Never in my adult life have I ever experienced anything like the disjunction today between the ISIS threat that preoccupies all publics and governments and the apparent inability of political systems to deal with it.

Syria peace process is a marvelous play without actors  
The Vienna talks on Syria have produced an important agreement that clearly signals one thing and one thing only: The fighting in Syria is no longer to anyone’s advantage and must be brought to an end soon.

The many Brazils  
Brave is the analyst who would predict the Brazil of 2016 or 2017. But, although the exact details are quite unpredictable, Brazil has strengths that may continue to make it a key locus of world power.

Four lessons from the ISIS attacks in Beirut and Sinai  
Four important dimensions of the latest developments in the Middle East — the terror bombs in south Beirut, and the apparent bomb that brought down the Russian airliner.

We cannot afford a two-year peace-making pause  
Putting on hold now for two years serious diplomacy aimed at reaching a permanent peace agreement will only allow attitudes of militancy and murder to continue their upward trends.




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