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A Symbolic Symmetry Amidst Military Futility  
Statesmen and women should grab diplomatic openings, rather than leaving the stage for the chest-thumpers and their failed militarism.

The Riddle of Citizen Views on Arab Statehood  
Citizens will rebel against their central state if they do not feel that their needs are being met equitably, or that they are being mistreated by the government and its military forces.

The Caliphate vs. Everyone Else  
The Caliphate of the Islamic State (formerly ISIS or ISIL) seems to have frightened just about everyone else involved in Middle Eastern politics into a de facto geopolitical alliance.

Israeli Propaganda Starts to Wear Thin  
More and more governments and observers around the world have realized that Hamas and Hizbullah have nothing to do with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, rejecting Israeli propaganda.

Iraq Is the New Proving Ground for Arab Statehood  
IS-type rule has no more chance of giving Arabs a decent life than did the centralized police state or the corrupt sectarian state that Arabs have endured for decades. Iraq is the place now where this issue will be put to the test.

Zionism vs. Arabism, Not Hamas in Gaza  
It is easier for American-Israeli propagandists to highlight Hamas’ militancy rather than to grapple with the fact that all Palestinians — and most of the world, actually — support the demands that Hamas has articulated and that have been negotiated by the all-inclusive Palestinian delegation in Cairo.

Revived PLO Is Now a Top Priority  
The most important political action the Palestinians should take now is to rapidly reconstitute the institutions of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), so that Palestinians speak with one voice and benefit from the total backing of the eight million or so Palestinians around the world.

A Ceasefire Would Beckon Real Leaders to Act  
If any real leaders and statesmen and women exist out there who can respond to this challenge, now is the time to stand up and act.

Hamas vs. Israel: Winning the Diplomatic Game  
Israel will achieve its one-state solution with a vengeance. Israel may annihilate Hamas as an organization. What they will then get of course is not a group of acquiescent Palestinians but the advocates of an Islamic caliphate.

From Biblical Wars to Justice for All  
This round of attacks by Israelis and Palestinians may prove to be most significant for pushing all concerned to seek a permanent resolution of this conflict, rather than letting it fester in 19th Century colonial mode.




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